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Multiple Reference Hotlinks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022472D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-17
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Disclosed is a method for adding a customizable ordered list of reference urls that correspond to one specific hotlink and it's hyperlink text.

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Multiple Reference Hotlinks

Creating hotlink are common when designing most HTML document . Hotlinks allow a 1-1 relationship between the hotlink and the corresponding url reference. This 1-1 relationship presents a problem if the hotlink reference that the hotlink addresses is not precisely what the user is looking for or perhaps the url reference does not give you enough descriptive information of the hotlink itself. In most instances users will have to go out to a separate browser and fire up a search engine and do a more exhaustive search of the hotlinked text if more information is required. Presently, if you wanted to add multiple references to a hotlink you would have to add them separately from the hotlink such as after the hotlink text. Denoting separate text takes up additional real estate which may not be available.

Example 1: This is the "hotlink text" - once a user clicks on the hotlink text they are redirected to a different url - this is a 1-1 relationship. To add multiple reference links see Example 2.

Example 2: This is the "Primary_hotlink_text", "Reference_1_Hotlink", "Reference_2_Hotlink". Both "Reference _1_Hotlink" and "Reference_2_Hotlink" are additional references to the "Primary_hotlink_text" creating a 1-2 relationship. This is the same idea as adding references in a paper denoted as [Reference1, Reference2].

We propose adding a customizable ordered list of urls that reference one specific hotlink and it's corresponding text. When a user clicks on a hotlink in a browser, the user will not be automatically taken directly to the correspond hyperlink but will instead be prompted with a set o...