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Viscosity increase of PP during processing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022473D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-17
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Viscosity increase of PP during processing

In a study on the use and processability of Ciba FLAMESTAB NOR 116
in different PP fiber grades a non expected phenomenom was found.
Some of the PP grades tested show a strong viscosity increase when
adding FLAMESTAB NOR 116 during compounding. Viscosity increase is a
behavior normally not seen in PP processing. It is known that
combinations of NOR HALS with an unsaturated component can cause this
effect, see WO 01/92397. The effect caused by adding only NOR HALS
has not been seen up to now. Depending on the production process of
the PP grade, it seems to be that a viscosity increase can be
supported even when using FLAMESTAB NOR 116 alone.

Examples: measurement of MFR (230°C/2.16kg) in PP after compounding
at 200°C in a twin screw extruder.

     without FLAMESTAB NOR 116 1% FLAMESTAB NOR 116 PP grade 1 30.6 g/10min 30.5 g/10min PP grade 2 31.4 g/10min 22.1 g/10min