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WACAT -> Websphere Administration Console (wsAdmin) Automated Test Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022504D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-18
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WACAT -> Websphere Administration Console (wsAdmin) Automated Test as a way to run automated command line scripts and commands and to save QE time.

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WACAT -> Websphere Administration Console (wsAdmin) Automated Test


IBM* Websphere** Application Server (WAS) provides a way to do administration tasks through a command line shell known as: wsAdmin console. The wsAdmin console uses a JACL language interpreter as a mean to enter commands, or run tcl/tk script files to access functionality provided by a registered Java Management Beans (mBeans) developed by servers vendors to help in administering the server application through the command line.

The Problem:

    To test (QE) the administration mBeans through the command line (using the wsAdmin console) means there should be a person who is willing to spend a lot of time writing tcl/tk and JACL script code to access the different methods exposed by the mBean and examine the returned execution results resulted by calling these mBean methods.

    This process is a very routine and time consuming way for QEing the command line (wsAdmin) administration part of a server. Known Solutions & Drawbacks:

    Currently there are no available tools to perform automated testing/QEing for wsAdmin console.

Core Idea:

    The core idea is to provide a loadable tcl/tk script module (this is the WACAT module) that can be used to run test scripts and generate reports depending on test cases and successful assertions...

WACAT Advantages:

  There are a lot of advantages for WACAT tool, some of these are: Saving a lot of time when testing / QEing mBeans with the wsAdmin command

line console. The ability to run test scripts through night time (in automatic way) without the

need for a person supervising the process. WACAT can also be used to run batch script commands.

Test / Batch scripts are created once as text files and can be used many times as

required. There are no need to quit wsAdmin console to run different Test / Batch script

files as WACAT load them at run time. WACAT can be directed to output execution results to results text files for future

  reference. How WACAT works: 1- A loadable TCL/TK (JACL) script file (this is the WACAT module) will be loaded using the -profile switch of the wsAdmin command that runs the wsAdmin shell. 2- This module will provide a number of callable commands that the users of the wsAdmin shell can call to run the automated tests. 3- These callable commands accepts a name of either: an automated test script, or, a list file containing a list of names for the automated test script files to run. 4- These callable commands will also accept a number of additional switches that controls:

* The way the automated test scripts will be executed: like continuing/stopping running the automated test script in case of having errors, tracing script execution







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* Controlling the display on screen: like showing the executed test commands while executing them, and showing the results returned by every run command etc.

* Controlling the generated final report: to state what level of details to include in the g...