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Runtime Self Healing within a Virtual Machine based upon results of Runtime Code Review Analysis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022513D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-18
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The core of the idea is based around rules based engines that both identify a problem and then identify the correct action to take for the problem. The advantage of this system is that it is completely automatic and requires no human intervention. The capability to provide system/network management notifications of the corrective action applied allows for humans to be notified of the action(s) taken. Additionally, multiple Java* VMs can share the corrective action(s) taken by listening for the system/network management notifications and applying corrective actions already effected/discovered by other virtual machines.

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Runtime Self Healing within a Virtual Machine based upon results of Runtime Code Review Analysis

Applications routinely fail to adhere to Best Practices. Poorly written applications violate a number of rules that are easily identifiable as specific Best Practices with known solutions or fixes that remedy the problem (i.e. a description of how to do it correctly). Current technology requires human intervention to correct the problem. Armed with this knowledge (both the Best Practices rules and the known solution and/or corrective action) the virtual machine can effect self healing corrective actions that remedy the application problem by altering the application code with the correction. The virtual machine can then provide system/network management notifications that report the violations and corrective self healing actions that were applied via standard protocols. The system/network management notification allows for multiple JVMs* in a WebSphere** Application Server or J2EE application server cluster to apply self-healing corrective actions in a proactive manner and thereby improving overall system performance by (a) avoiding the violation and (b) applying the corrective action without having to halt execution while the virtual machine applies the fix.

Drawback: 1. This alters an application from its original design/implementation but if done correctly can remedy identifiable problems.
2. This is an intensive process that requires a significant amount of CPU and memory and while not feasible in the production environment with today's hardware technology this should be feasible in the foreseeable future when much faster hardware is available.

3. Garbage collection of static classes and definitions has to be...