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A way to store file owner/permission info in ZIP file Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022520D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-19
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This article describes a means to store group/owner/permission information into a zip archive which is PKZIP compatiable.

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A way to store file owner/permission info in ZIP file

Disclosed is a software program that can store and restore file/directory owner/group/permission information by creating an enhanced zip file format which is PKZIP*(WINZIP**) compatible.

The following enhanced format is used:

[local file header 1] [file data 1] [data_descriptor 1]




[local file header n] [file data n] [data descriptor n] [file or directory attribute section signature] [file or directory attribute 1]




[file or directory attribute m]

[central directory] [zip64 end of central directory record] [zip64 end of central directory locator] [end of central directory record]

    In the above format, the "file or directory attribute section" is created in between the end of the last "local file header" and the beginning of "central directory" in order to store owner/group/permission information of the directory entries. This enhanced format ensures that not only the owner/group/permission info are stored but also the archive is still recognizable by various PKZIP compatiable zipping tools, for example WINZIP and JAR***, etc., in which case, the owner/group/permission info stored in this section will be simply ignored.

    It is also required that the owner/group/permission information are stored/restored not only for the file itself, but also for every level of the directories and subdirectories the file resides. Therefore the number of entries in the ZIP archive (n) does not necessarily equal to the num...