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I/O Tray adapter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022532D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-19
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The following publication presents an idea to provide a service terminal (i.e., Hardware master console (HMC), ESS Net, service server with mouse and keyboard) outside of the server/storage rack (e.g., Shark) that can ship as a single unit and require minimal installation by the CE and still pass ship and packaging tests. The idea also requires that the service terminal keyboard and monitor be at an acceptable height for seated or standing access.

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I/O Tray adapter

Our proposal leverages the IBM NetBay 11U - 11u rack from E-server X-series brand to house the HMC, ESS net or servicer server and I/O terminal. The NetBay 11U rack has already been certified by E-server to meet IBM stringent ship and drop test and other requirements. This certification assures us that the HMC server will be secure enough in the rack to meet all of IBM ship requirements. The uniqueness of our idea is found in the our proposal to create an adapter cabinet that will fit on top of the NetBay 11u rack that will host the I/O drawer containing the keyboard and monitor at an appropriate height for sitting or standing access.

In researching our idea we found several alternative solutions for housing the HMC/ESSnet/service server and I/O tray. However, each of the identified alternative solutions had their drawbacks. The following is the list of identified alternative solutions and why each solutions is not always possible or appropriate:

Can include the service terminal with the monitor and keyboard installed in an I/O

tray inside the server or storage rack. However, there is not always room within the system rack. In this case the

service terminal is installed outside of the rack usually on a table on the customer's floor. This leads to a sloppy appearance for the service terminal and requires extra set up time.

  For example, it takes a little over an hour for the CE to set up the ESS net for Shark (Silvertip). This includes an desk-side X-series box, ethernet switch, serial hub, and keyboard, monitor and mouse. Customers are not happy seeing the service terminal for their million dollar storage device thrown together on a desk on their server/storage room floor. Can ship the service terminal and I/O tray in the small NetBay 11 - 11u rack from


  However, the 11u rack being only 2 feet high is not acceptable from a I/O tray access standpoint. That is the monitor and keyboard would be to low to access by the CE even in a seated position (a seated CE would have to bend over to reach the keyboard and see the monitor installed in the rack). Can also ship the service terminal and I/O tray in the next size rack which

happens to be NetBay 25 - 25U rack.

Because the service terminal...