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Advanced weight scale system with automatic real-time data recording Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022645D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-22
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This paper describes an advanced weight scale system, with user recognition and other data handling enhancements.

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Advanced weight scale system with automatic real -time data recording

This invention is a Weight Scale Adapter with the following key elements. (1) Analog and Digital readout Conversion. This includes the ability to interpret analog or digital readout and to take advantage of the features by simply clamping an adapter onto the scale. (2) Captures and sends data via wireless signal to PC. This enables communication between PC and adapter. Also, personal message customization (for both readout and display) can be done in advance using software on PC and sent to the adapter to be stored locally. Finally, it permits scheduler to send/sync data with PC periodically. (3) Visual and Audible Feedback System. Such feedback may be transmitted from the scale. (4) Automatic Identity Recognition. This includes the ability to recognize users based on their weight. In the preferred embodiment, this adapter would be integrated into the scale so it can also determine user based on the foot size, print, etcetera. It includes soft buttons to provide an interaction session.

Key Advantages include (1) A method and device which integrates the traditional scale with pervasive computing functionality to track, configure, and manage an individual's weight/health plan. The adapter will read, scan data off a traditional scale, and store that information in a flexible format to be used in multiple manners. (2) A weight software management solution providing systematic way to facilitate an individual in their workout, health, and medical strategy without the necessity of involving a third party. (3) A process that makes weight management more cost-effective without requiring human resources that are costly and in short supply. (4) It provides a method to automatically store and retrieve data which can facilitate further analysis by professionals such as doctors or other health industry professionals. (5) Includes security features that promote and maintain personal privacy. (6) It provides and facilitates encouragement and a positive attitude toward achieving a "healthy" weight while fighting obesity directly. The converter's capability provides an interactive session that promotes a positive fitness environment. (7) It is cost effective because it supplements existing weight equipment.

Additional features, benefits, and implementation details include the following. The integration of weight scales with computing intelligence will help older patients in tracking their health records. Seniors are more likely to forget to record, or may record incorrectly. With these integration and automation features, data is saved, and can optionally be transferred to their physicians or other health professionals who can monitor potential health-related issues. The proposed invention minimizes the amount of overhead necessary for government and individuals to manage health issues related to weight. The automation and privacy features makes the process more streamlined and l...