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$$EB2003$$Process for Intelligently deploying a Software Image based on machine information and user role Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022687D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-25
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There is an industry wide problem rolling out PC software images customized for particular job functions, i.e. if a single company wants separate applications / preloads for differing user responsibilities such as Software Development and Administrative work. This preload customization can be driven with an autonomic process that determines the user, their job function, and delivers appropriate software over a base image.

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$$EB2003$$Process for Intelligently deploying a Software Image based on machine information and user role

    Currently, IBM ships one to two standard preloads on any given system, with little to no job-specific applications built into the base image. This is the same across the other major PC OEMs.

    One solution in IBM is a group called the IBM Imaging Technology Center (IITC) which will build customer-specific images on request (for a fee). This group can create multiple images for a customer, but they are rolled out sequentially either based on production line or based on feedback from a person at the computer.

    Another solution IBM offers is a tool called Image Ultra Builder which greatly eases the image creation process. If multiple images are created to be used across a company, there is an Image Ultra boot floppy that must be used and user input required. This can be done either by the end user, or by an IT professional answering the questions at the end user station.

    This publication proposes the following automation process: - preboot to standard deployment selection image - maintain database of previously defined and available images - determine image for that machine w/out user intervention - automated delivery and installation This solution process offers the advantage over current solutions of not requiring input at the system when the preload is rolled out, yet still allowing for completely customizable images. The proposed solution also offers the advant...