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Tivoli Endpoint Remediation Utility - Tivoli Resurrection X (T-Rex) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022700D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-25
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A program is disclosed that performs automated analysis, repair and deployment of Tivoli* Endpoint (versions 95 through 107) on Microsoft Windows** NT, 2000 and XP servers and workstations.

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Tivoli Endpoint Remediation Utility - Tivoli Resurrection X (T-Rex)

The Tivoli Endpoint Remediation Utility (TREX) performs automated troubleshooting and repair steps for the deployment, maintenance, uninstallation, upgrade and repair of broken or damaged Tivoli Endpoint client installations. The utility can be deployed to remote machines either via software distribution utilities, domain logon script, or can be executed from the workstation manually. Currently the only method for repairing failed or damaged installations of the Tivoli Endpoint code is a manual process involving removing the endpoint from the system, and reinstalling the client software, or manually repairing files at the remote machine and restarting the Tivoli Endpoint client services. The standard method ford deploying the Tivoli Endpoint client software is either via existing software distribution methodology or by manually installing the software at the workstation. Upgrading the Tivoli endpoint software can be performed by the Tivoli Managed Region (TMR) gateways, but this feature is routinely disabled as it has the potential of generating undue network traffic. In contrast, TREX can be used as an alternate method of deployment, and functions as an alternative to TMR based Tivoli Endpoint client code upgrades.

When used for Tivoli Endpoint remediation, TREX takes known troubleshooting steps which would otherwise be manual, and places them in a single "fire and forget" package. When initiated on the target machine, the tool follows logical troubleshooting steps and performs remediation functions as a result of what it reveals. Behavior of the tool can be tailored throug...