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CORONA DEVICE Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022845D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Mar-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-27
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A corona discharge arrangement 53 supported directly above a photoconductive surface 10 including a corona wire 51 and an elongated conductive shield 55 substantially surrounding the wire, th~ shield having a generally inverted U~shapedcross section :~ormedby integral top and side walls which jointly define a channel 57 running the length of the shield. The channel ~s substantially closed adjacent both ends thereof by insulating blocks 52 between which is supported the corona wire 57, the blocks closing off the ends of the channel from the top wall of the shield to a plane closely adjacent the photoconductive surface. A pair of conductive plates are mounted below the insulating blocks and held at the potential of the shield which is usually machine ground. Each plate spans the width of the channel between the side walls to form a potential plane or surface on which the electric field may terminate intermediate the insulating blocks and the photoconductive surface, The resulting electric field causes a flow of air out of the shield at the ends thereof through the space between the insulating support blocks and the photoconductive surface, which outward flow reduces to a minimun the flow of dirt laden air into the shield at these areas.

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CORONA DEVICE Proposed Classification
T. J. Hammond U.S. Cl, 250/326
G. L. Ha3~pavat mt. Cl. HOlt 19/04



Volume 1 Nunther 3 March 1976 61

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Volume 1 Number 3 March 1976

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