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Original Publication Date: 1976-Mar-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-27
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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A liquid development system employing a magnetic brush operatively associated with an insulating screen is described herein. Insulating screen 12, comprising an endless belt entrained about a plurality of spaced rollers is interposed between magnetic brush 14 and photoconductive drum 24, Both magnetic brush 14 and insulating screen 12 are disposed in liquid ink 10. In operation, photoconductive drum 24 is charged by corona generating device 18 to a substantial uniform level. Exposure system 16 selectively irradiates the charged portion of drum 24 recording an electrostatic latent image thereon, The latent image is developed by brush 14 and screen 12. Both screen 12 and brush 14 are located in a chamber having liquid ink 10 therein.

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R. C. Vock

Proposed Classification
U.S. Cl, 118/637
mt. Cl. B05b 5/02



Volume 1 Number 3 March 1976 33

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34 XEROX DISCLOSURE JOURNAL volume 1 Number 3 March 1976

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