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LOAD SENSOR TONER BOTTLE Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022864D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Mar-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-27

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


An improved apparatus for sensing the quantity of developer material cleaned from an electrostatic insulating surface and deposited in recovery containers is described, The recovery container for the particle reclaiming system includes at least one recovery container 60 seated upon movable platform 62, platform 62 being subjected to a translation in accordance with the weight exerted thereon by the material contained in containers 60. Switch means 64 and 65 mechanically coupled to platform 62 are adapted to be activated when platform 62 is translated in excess of a predetermined amount, Bellows means 63, capable of expandable and compressible deformation, are provided for supporting recovery containers 60 in sus~ pended relation beneath a manifold, bellows means 63 operating as a conduit from the manifold to recovery containers 60. Bellows means 63 are connected to the manifold by suitable mounting means 61, In the improved apparatus biasing means are provided between the recovery containers and the mani~~ fold so that the recovery containers are pushed downward with sufficient pressure to overcome suction or vacuum present in the system and resulting from the particle reclaiming system. As shown in the accompanying drawing, coil spring 66 exerts a downward pressure upon recovery containers 60 to prevent the suction or vacuum present in