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TONER COMPOSTION Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022926D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-27

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


An electrostatographic toner composition of particles having an average diameter less than 30 microns may be provided from a dye or pigment and a copolymer of styrene and alkyl methacrylate wherein the alkyl group has from 6 to 10 carbon atoms, The alkyl methacrylate preferably com~ prises from about 5 to 40 percent by weight of the copolymer. In addition, the toner composition may contain from about 0,02 to about 10 percent by weight of at least one solid metal salt of a fatty acid, The toner composition is fusible at higher rates with less heat energy than con~ ventional styrene-~buty1methacrylate copolymer toner materials.