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Original Publication Date: 1976-Jul-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-27

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A nuither of methods are known for cleaning various types of film when the film is being used in a viewer, Generally speaking, these known methods either fail to properly clean the film or damage the film, such as by scratching the film surface. These problems can be avoided by using a stiff loop pile material, such as a Velcro loop material, in a film viewer to remove pieces of grit and dirt from the film while at the same time preventing scratching and marking of the film surface, An alternative material that is softer than the film and would provide a natural lubrication, such as for example, nylon or Teflon can be used, If nylon or Teflon is used, the surface contacting the film would be formed of a plurality of hills and valleys. Irrespective of which material is used, all of these materials would sup~ port the film within the film gate on both surfaces of the film and maintain proper focus, The use of any of these materials would allow for the removal of grit and dirt as the film passed through the film gate, and would also pro- vide for a space for grit removal, thereby preventing the film from remaining in pressure contact with the grit which can generally result in scratching the film,