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IMAGING MEMBER AND METHOD Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023047D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Jul-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-27

Publishing Venue

Xerox Disclosure Journal


There is described an electrophotographic imaging member capable of the preparation of a multiplicity of copies of an original object with only one exposure and a method for utilizing the member. The imaging member consists essentially of a conductive substrate, a non-persistent photoconductive layer residing on the substrate, a persistent photoconductive insulating layer residing over the non-persistent photoconductive layer and an unpigmented electrically insulating film overcoating residing on the free surface of the persistent photocon- ductive insulating layer. In operation, the imaging member is initially exposed to image information at a wavelength and for an interval sufficient to render the persistent photoconductive layer persistently conductive for some extended period of time, e.g. about 60 seconds or more subsequent to the termination of illumination.