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Remote Control integration between Controller and Target Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023199D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-29
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Currently, using software such as Tivoli Remote Control or VNC, it is possible for a machine named Controller to connect to another machine named Target and take control of it, i.e. the Controller can use the keyboard and mouse of the Target and view its display screen. Controller and Target are seen as different entities, and except for the controlling but there is no integration between the two. This causes some useability problems, for example to copy a file from the Target to the Controller, one usually has to select some command from a menu or even use a different application. The idea is to modify the Target system in such a way that, when a Controller is connected, the Target machines automatically changes the system user interface and/or behavior so that it can take advantage from knowing that a Controller is remotely using the system. The advantage of having this form of integration is that the remote control session becomes considerably easier to use, and will probably enhance productivity and make shorter sessions.

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Remote Control integration between Controller and Target

Here are several examples of the possible improvements, assuming a Windows platform for reference. All these examples assumes that a Controller is connected to the Target (i.e. computer/device being remotely controlled), so that all features are active.

     1. FILE DOWNLOAD. The File Explorer context menu is modified so that the menu that appears when right-clicking on a file has a new entry: "Send file to Controller". By selecting this item a "Save As..." dialog appears on the Controller, allowing the file to be easily copied from Target to Controller. Of course the above can be extended in several ways, and can be also used for directories or multiple files (e.g. a selection).

     2. PRINTING. As above, the menu can have a entry named for example "Print to Controller" that will automatically transfer the selected file(s) to the Controller and then print it.

     3. FILE UPLOAD. It is already possible to create a new file by choosing from known templates (e.g. right-click then select "New -> Text Document" to create a simple text file). We can add a new item (named for example "New -> File from Controller") to allow the Controller to send one or more files to the Target in a very easy way.

     4. CLIPBOARD SHARING. The Controller could copy something into its own clipboard, then select "Paste from Controller Clipboard" from within the remote session, thus copying the clipboard content to the Target.

     These are only examples...