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Original Publication Date: 1977-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-29

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


An advanceable photoreceptor 30 comprising a hollow drum 32 and an elongated web 40 of photosensitive material the bulk of which is supported internally of the hollow drum while a por-tion thereof is supported on the outer surface of the drum, The bulk of the photosensitive web material is supported in-ternally of the hollow drum by means of a supply roll 36 and a takeup roll 38 which are supported by support structure 42 for repositioning periodically by means of a threaded rod 39 in order to provide for the accommodation of a greater length of photosensitive web material than heretofore possible. A plur-ality of roll members 34 support the drum structure adjacent the ends thereof,