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a Comparison Tool for Relational Database Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023326D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-30
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A system is disclosed that can compare table definition and/or contents of different relational databases.

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a Comparison Tool for Relational Database

Relational databases are many times used throughout the development cycle. Unfortunately, there is no tool available to allow a developer to verify whether different databases contain table definitions and database content that can be considered "equal."

Disclosed is a system which can compare table definitions and/or contents of different relational databases. The following is a sample list of the features that this tool, an application front ended with a graphical user interface, can provide:

1) Allow user to specify the type of comparison (i.e. table definition, content)
2) Allow user to specify connection information for the source and target databases (i.e. host name, port number, database name, etc.)
3) Allow user to map table name and column names in case they are different and specify, at the column level, whether case sensitive or insensitive comparison should be used.
4) Allow user to enter filter criteria to limit the number of rows for comparison
5) Allow user to specify rules to compare table data of different databases; the compliance to a rule might allow disparate data to be considered "equal"
6) Allow user to specify rules to compare relational vs non-relational (as long as the data can be mapped)

In order to support source and target databases from different vendors and with different code pages, this tool might connect to target databases using Java Database Connectivity *JDBC.

For table definition compariso...