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New application of hard disk drives as storage for recorded audio/video playback devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023363D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-30
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Proposal for use of hard disk drives as a storage medium in children's story telling or educational devices.

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  New application of hard disk drives as storage for recorded audio/video playback devices

    Children's story telling devices are popular forms of educational entertainment - usually consisting of a tape player, which plays a pre-recorded audio story, embedded inside a stuffed animal or other toy. In its current embodiment, these devices rely on cassette tapes as the storage medium for the audio recordings and a new tape must be purchased for each new story. These tapes may be misplaced, worn out after repeated use, or destroyed accidentally by the children or parents.

We propose using a hard disk drive as the storage medium for these children's story telling devices - the larger storage capacity allows for video in addition to audio playback. This eliminates the need for tapes that can be lost or damaged, and the ability to store volumes of interactive audio/video stories on one device. These stories may come installed on the disk drive or may be downloaded from a computer (for example, USB, firewire, or IR) and stored on the device to be played back as often as needed. As the children grow, these stories may be replaced with educational content suitable for their age group (kindergarten - 6th grade) so the device is useful for many years, unlike the current devices that focus on fairy tales and fictional stories for a fixed age group

The functionality of the device would be the same as those currently on the market with tape players, but with much higher value due...