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Original Publication Date: 1977-Oct-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-31

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Figures 1 and 2 show two different embodiments of a system for stripping a copy sheet 1 from a photoreceptor 2 after transfer of the toner image to the copy sheet 1. The transfer is by a transfer corona generator 3 in Figure 1, and a bias transfer roller 4 in Figure 2. In Figure 1 the photoreceptor 2 is a drum and in Figure 2 it is a flexible belt, In both embodi-ments copy sheet vacuum stripping ports 5 are positioned upstream of the transfer charge neutralizing (detacking) corona generator 6. Thus, stripping of the copy sheet occurs before there is any neutralization of the residual transfer charge on the copy sheet. However, a sufficiently close spacing of the detack corona generator 6 to the stripping ports 5 allows charge neutralization to be initiated before the air gap between the copy sheet 1 and the photoconductor 2 is greater than approximately 1 millimeter, Some corona breakdown between the charged (unneutralized) copy sheet and the photoreceptor with stripping is desirable to stabilize the toner image, by providing negative counter-chargeadjacent the negative toner image areas where this breakdown occurs in an air gap therebetween of less than approximately 1 millimeter. Immediately thereafter the copy sheet passes fully under the detacking corona generator 6, for substantial charge neutral-ization before the copy sheet reaches the downstream copy transport 7, which is a fixed vacuum manifold guide surface in Figure 1 and a moving vacuum belt system in Figure 2, Posi-tioning the neutralizing corotron 6 immediately downstream from the stripping vacuum ports 5 allows the two to be more closely adjacent where the vacuum ports 5 are angled or inclined downstream at a 45┬░or greater angle, as shown, The portion 8 of the stripping manifold separating the stripping ports 5 from the detacking corona generator 6 can provide a field splitting electrode therebetween to minimize toner disturbances.