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Original Publication Date: 1977-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-31

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


An inking member having a hollow core cylinder made of ink-wettable porous material coated with a thin layer of ink non-wettable porous material is employed in a liquid development environment for applying ink to a charge-bearing surface. Ink is fed from the core of the cylinder to the ink-wettable material of the cylinder. The ink advances by capillary pene-tration through the ink-wettable porous material of the cylinder to the interface between the ink-wettable porous material and the coating of ink-non-wettable material. When the ink reaches the interface, it does not penetrate or advance into the coating of ink-wettable material because the coating material is not wetted by the ink, When a charge-bearing surface such as a photoconductor, an interposition web or other charge-bearing member contacts the porous inking mem-ber, the force of the charge exerted upon the ink pulls the ink through the porous coating of ink-non-wettable material in the areas of the charge, and the ink deposits upon the charged surface in conformance to the charges, The ink may be retained on the developed surface or transferred to another