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Original Publication Date: 1978-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-31

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A toner cleaning blade 1 system is disclosed which auto-matically retracts out of contact with the drum when the machine is stopped, including a fluid drive clutch 2 which utilizes an existing machine motion to engage the blade with the drum and is self-contained in the inboard end of the photoreceptor 3 end belL When the drum 3 is not rotating, the blade is held away from the drum surface by a spring loaded torque link 4, limited by an adjustable stop 5. As the drum 3 rotates, axial vanes 6 in the end bell housing create a di-rectional movement in enclosed fluid which in turn acts on rotor vanes 7. The rotor 8 applies a torque to overcome the return spring 9 tension and turns to move the linkage 4 to cause or release the unit carrying the blade 1 tip to move toward its cleaning position against the drum, This rotor 8 movement can be limited by another stop 10. The blade 1 unit can be counterweighted and pivoted about axis 11 and have the end of its arm 12 connecting to linkage 4 ride in a slot 13 for limited free movement during cleaning to accommodate drum runout. One advantage of this system is that it is housed in an unused portion of the machine package and does not take functional volume from the cleaner area, It takes its engage-ment energy from an existing mechanical motion within the machine and therefore reduces power requirements for solenoids or cams presently employed. Also, engagement of the blade edge with the drum surface is fluid cushioned. Alternatively, a magnetic rather than fluid clutch could be utilized.