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Publish/Subcribe Web Services from a UDDI Registry Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023761D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-31
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This invention disclosure describes an extension to the capabilities of a UDDI server to allow it to serve as the subscription repository for Publish/Subscribe Web Services. Interested parties will have the ability to browse the UDDI Registry for useful Web Services and subscribe with them so as to be included in any appropriate publication operations whenever the service is invoked.

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Publish/Subcribe Web Services from a UDDI Registry

Presently the majority of Web Services are point to point in nature. That is directly accessed one at a time from 'Service Requestors' or Clients. The Service Requestor will find the details of the Service, and invoke a request to that service. So in order to have any interaction with the Service, the clients have to make the request (and be the initiator of the communication).

    Web Services have largely been used in a remote procedure call type environment, but increasingly there is interest in using it as a programming model for simple messaging. Extending this, the technology of Web Services could work easily as well in a publish/subscribe environment. In this case the clients would create a Web Service, conforming to a WSDL definition, and register themselves with the publisher. In this case instead of the request going to a single client it would be fanned out to all those who had subscribed.

    This invention is to extend the capabilities of a UDDI server to allow it to serve as the subscription repository for services. It would provide an interface for clients to obtain the WSDL for the service and subscribe/unsubscribe from receiving published messages. When the Service is initiated (by some other Requestor or client), then the Service can obtain a list of all the subscribers from the UDDI registry and publish to all subscribed Clients associated with that service. It would also be necessary as part of the solution to provide a client capable of accessing the list of subscribers and performing the fan out.

    It is possible to do this in some way to day using the current UDDI technology. The main points of this invention would be to formalise the use of UDDI registry as the pub/sub repository. To provide a more specialised interface to allow subscription, as much of the information stored about a service in the UDDI would not be required for pub/sub and to provide the publisher capable of accessing the UDDI repository and publishing to multiple services.

    One way in which this could be useful is: A company, eg. IBM*, could have first-aiders on-site. There could be a Web Service which is provided with details of an emergency, which then forwards the details via SOAP to all clients who have subscribed to that service. So all first-aider's on site would register with that service. When an emergency occurs, someone enters the details into a computer, and sends them to the Web Service. The Web Service then fans out all the details on to all registered first-aiders, who can then respond to the request accordingly.

    Another example could be a Motor Insurance Company. The company has a list of Assessors who are responsible for assessing the damage to a car in the event of someone making a claim on their policy. At the moment, contacting the Assessors to request them to carry out some work may all done manually on an individual basis. This would require contacting each assessor in turn to f...