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Article Storage Method and Sytem Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023799D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-31

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The present invention is directed to a storage unit and method for storing workpieces that overcomes deficiencies in the art. In general, the storage unit is positioned between upstream and downstream process areas to provide a supply of buffered workpieces to ensure uninterrupted supply of workpieces to downstream processes for a predetermined period. The storage unit includes supply and discharge lifts positioned at upstream and downstream ends of a plurality of vertically stacked storage floors. The supply and discharge lifts receive and provide workpieces to supply and discharge conveyors, respectively. The plurality of vertically stacked storage floors, the supply and discharge lifts, and the supply and discharge conveyors are each configured to receive trolleys from a power and free conveyor system. The trolleys support the workpieces for movement to and through the storage unit in the manner described below.