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Scanner calibration tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023842D
Publication Date: 2004-Apr-01
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The invention is for a tool used to measure the radial distance between the read/write head and the COR of the corresponding spindle. In the specific case the tool is used in the testers ( TurboVixen's ) of our disk manufacturing process lines.

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Scanner calibration tool

   In the Disk Test area we Glide, Burnish and Mag test all disks
coming from
our Disk Manufacturing facility. An electronic linear gage

is used to measure the radial position of the heads (distance of the scanne
from the center of rotation of the spindle).
Previously, the distance was measured with a radial mark scribed on a disk
and a pointer mounted on the scanner in question; the precision of the syst
was not appropriate since it was based on the ability of the person to alig
the mark with the pointer.

The linear gage is calibrated on a cradle that simulates a known distance
( it is the length of the headarm assembly ); mounting the gage on the
scanner and moving it's position to a predetermined measure (the diameter o
the ring ), the gage will display a number representing the error position

The human factor is eliminated: the accuracy is a factor of the precision
of the ring, the gage and it's calibration cradle.
At the present time, we measure down to 1/100 of mm; ther is a new version
of the gage capable of measurements down to the microns: before this tool t
was in the order of few 1/10 of mm, and was varying from person
to person.

The tool is in use in the Disk Manufacturing facility, in the Disk Test


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lines. The Turbo Vixen machines have 4 scanners that are calibrated with
the use of the linear gage and a calibrated ring. The ring eliminates the
difference found in the...