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TONER CARTRIDGE Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023848D
Original Publication Date: 1979-Feb-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-01

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


The replenishment of toner or dry ink in xerographic reproduction machines often results in toner contamination of the machine and of the machine operator, To minimize this problem, disposable bottles or cartridges have been employed to allow a relatively clean installation of toner into the machine. However, upon removal of the cartridges, the operator, office environment and the machine are still exposed to the loose toner on the cartridge. To overcome these difficulties, a cylindrical cartridge comprised of two cylinders, one inside the other, with a suitable seal to inhibit toner migration from the inner to the outer cartridge may be employed. The toner cylinder may be adapted for installation in the machine after which either the inner or outer cylinder may be rotated to line up slots in the cylinders to allow toner to be dispensed therefrom. When the cartridge is expended, it is adapted to be withdrawn without relative rotation of the cylinders. Through suitable locking tabs or slots, a portion of the cartridge assembly would be adapted to remain attached to the machine. A film bag, disposed within the cartridge assembly, would be drawn over the cartridge as it is withdrawn from the machine, Once the complete cartridge is removed a sufficient distance from the machine, the portion of the assembly to which the film bag is attached may be rotated or unlatched to free the end of the film bag from the machine and allow complete removal of the bag with the toner cartridge therein.