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Vertically stacking of two adjustable balance clips in a spindle motor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023858D
Publication Date: 2004-Apr-01
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This invention enables two pre-installed adjustable balance clips in a spindle motor with mount bracket, and the clips are stacked vertically. The advantages of this invention are the following: a. Motor bracket size can be smaller than the existing radially stacked design. Smaller bracket increases the stiffness of the motor bracket / basecasting floor. b. The two bottom balance clips can be of the same size and therefore only one part number is needed. More cost/process efficient. c. For high platter count files, smaller motor bracket requires smaller cut-out on the PCB, and therefore increases the PCB area usage efficiency and reduces PCB cost.

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Vertically stacking of two adjustable balance clips in a spindle motor

Figure 1 shows the cross section of the spindle motor with this invention. Two balance clips are pre-installed in the spindle motor hub, stacked vertically as shown in the figure. the clips can be adjusted by the clip adjust tool to the desired position to achieve disk pack balance. At level A to adjust both upper and lower clips, and at level B to adjust the lower clip only. The lower clip retaining groove has slightly larger diameter for better retaining of the lower clip. The upper and the lower clips are identical parts at free-state (before install into the motor).

Figure 1

2 Balance Clips

Motor mount bracket


Clip adj

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