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Partial and Full Aerodynamic Bypass for a Disk Storage Device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023877D
Publication Date: 2004-Apr-01

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This article presents an aerodynamic flow channeling geometry and arrangement that shields the HDD actuator/arm/slider and disk(s) from aerodynamic excitation (buffeting). The problem solved is the alleviation of of a strong and unsteady airflow present upstream of the actuator arm, suspension and slider assembly. One prevalent solution to the disk buffeting problem is tight shrouding of the disk pack. Another is (nearly) completely stripping the air from the disks and re-routing substantially all of it around the actuator. However, the latter requires room for channeling which is very difficult to obtain. Through careful design of an aerodynamic bypass that efficiently removes much of the flow energy upstream from the actuator, the arm, suspension and slider can be sheltered while providing an additional benefit in the form of enhanced cooling of the actuator coil. In particular, a pronounced corner in the shroud that provides a path for the airflow to exit tangentially from the disk pack.