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Original Publication Date: 1979-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-01

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


This disclosure relates to a roll fuser 10 for fixing toner images to copy substrates. More particularly, it relates to a stripper mechanism 12 for insuring removal of the substrates from a fuser roll 13 or a pressure roll and subsequent guiding of the substrates along a predetermined path of travel. The mechanism 12 comprises one or more fingers 14 supported between a pair of shafts 16. Each finger is provided with detents 18 for receiving spring-loadedballs 20 carried by the shafts. The ball and detent arrangement for supporting the fingers enables the fingers to break away from the fuser roll when the stripping force exceeds a predetermined level, thus minimizing the chance of fuser or pressure roll damage due to misstrips.