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Original Publication Date: 1979-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-01

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Disclosed is a small, portable switch unit 10 which can be plugged in between the existing conventional plug-in terminals of a conventional, flat cable connector system in, for example, the electrical system of a copier. It provides switch selectable access to the respective individual conductors or lines of the cable. This plug adapter unit 10 is insertable into the cable system simply by unplugging the existing male and female connectors 12 and 14 at an existing cable connector location (Figure 1) and plugging this unit 10 in between them. The unit 10 has conventional male and female cable connector terminals or plugs at its opposite end for this purpose and interconnecting internal conductors to provide electrical continuity for each line of the cable. Here, the unit 10 is built around a short printed circuit board 11 which provides compatible electrical feed-through with multiple conductors 18 on the board 11 which extend between the connectors at opposite ends of the unit 10. A switch 20 in the plug-in unit 10 is transversely slidable to allow the technician to rapidly, selectively tap into any one of the conductors 18 and there provide a test connection into any one of the lines in the cable being tested or to the equipment with which that line connects. The switch 20 includes a spring-loaded contact system 22 providing the electrical connection between the selected conductor 18 and a common electrical bus 24. It also provides a detent system, as shown, to restrain the switch 20 over the selected conductor 18. The common bus 24 extends out to both sides of the unit 10 and