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Ambient change kit dummy boat Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023987D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-01
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This article describes a jig which enables faster tooling changeovers at ambient temperature for the Delta Nitro BEOL device handler tool.

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Ambient change kit dummy boat

Most IC modules only require ambient testing during BEOL (back end of line) module test. The module specific customisation kits for Delta Nitro BEOL device handlers contain excess parts which are necessary only if that module were to be tested at high or low temperature, but at ambient testing these excess parts only serve to physically support/locate other more essential parts of the kit. This invention allows the tool to operate without having to install the excess parts of the kit, thereby saving downtime.

    An existing solution is to permanently leave in parts of an old kit and only install the essential parts of the new kit - but this is unsatisfactory as it easily leads to kits parts from several kits becoming mixed up.

    This article describes an aluminium cage which simulates the shape of the excess components from the kit, and can be left permanently in the tool. This greatly speeds up kit changes and so reduces downtime.

Existing Solution: 26 excess kit parts (~boats) which are used only if the devices are to be tested at high or low temperature. If to be tested at ambient, these 26 parts only serve to support the top left part, which holds the devices in the 'pockets' shown. Replacing these parts causes excess tool downtime (they are located in the core of the tool and require dexterity to access).

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Proposed Solution: The cage shown below holds the essential to...