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Exporting and Developing Game Characters Across Gaming Platforms Disclosure Number: IPCOM000023995D
Publication Date: 2004-Apr-01

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This invention describes a means to export a video game character from its traditional game console or PC environment to other platforms, including mobile gaming platforms. While using the character on the additional platforms, the user can further develop the character (including character enhancements not available on the traditional gaming console) and these character enhancements can be used when the character is imported back onto the traditional gaming console. This invention in effect expands the scope under which a video game character can exist, while retaining and enhancing its attributes between various platforms. Current video game consoles (e.g., XBOX, Sony Playstation 2, etc.) or PC platforms do not allow the export of video game characters - the game can only be saved in the current platform's format. If a game is being played on a gaming console or PC, the particular point in the game can be saved on a memory stick or hard drive and loaded on another similar gaming console or PC that has the same gaming software and play can be continued from the same point in the game. The limitations of the above feature are that 1) it only allows the saving of a particular point in the game, not the character itself, and 2) only similar platforms with the same software can load and use the saved game (e.g., the saved game can be used on two XBOX platforms as long as the same game software is available on both). The individual character within the game cannot be exported to another platform and any kind of export to a different kind of gaming environment is not possible. This invention proposes a method to export any character within a video game to other kinds of platforms. An important aspect of this invention is that any changes made in the attributes associated with the character while playing with the character on other platforms is retained and the possibly enhanced character attributes can later be imported back into the original gaming platform. With this approach the character attributes of any character within a video game can be used and enhanced independent of the platform and the game environment. The changes thus made to the attributes of the character would subsequently be retained on all the platforms and game environments.