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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024206D
Original Publication Date: 1979-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

Publishing Venue

Xerox Disclosure Journal


A toner supply system for supplying toner to a xerographic copying machine which includes a reservoir or cartridge 11 for containing a supply of toner. Cartridge 11 is mounted in a bracket 12, which forms a part of the xerographic copying machine. Cartridge 11 may be slideably mounted into bracket 12 by an operator without having to come into contact with any of the toner. Cartridge 11 has an opening 13 at one end which permits the egress of toner during operation. A valve 14 is mounted inside the cartridge 11 so as to completely cover the opening 13. Valve 14 is connected to a hub 15 through arm member 16. A knee joint lever member 17 is provided in the copying machine to operate the valve 14 and to close an electrical switch 18. Lever 17 is comprised of arms 19 and 20. A slot 21 at the end of arm 20 has a configuration to fit the end of hub 15 so that the valve 14 may be opened by engagement of the hub 15 into slot 21 and by the rotation of lever 17 from its initial position illustrated in Figure 1 to the operating position illustrated in Figure 2. In the operating position shown in Figure 2, the lever 17 causes electrical switch 18 to be closed against contact 22 which permits the operation of the copying machine. Lever 17 is biased to stay in its operating position by spring member 23, which is shown in two broken parts for clarity. The copying machine will not operate in the absence of cartridge 11 and hub 15, since the knee joint lever member 17 will not straighten out to permit the closing of switch 18. When valve 14 is in the open position as shown in Figure 2, the toner 24 in cartridge 11 may then fall into sump 25 for transportation and further processing.