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Original Publication Date: 1979-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


In electrophotographic printing machines, a photoconductive belt or drum is employed. After prolonged usage, the photoconductive material fatigues and the resultant copy quality degradates. In order to correct the foregoing problem, the photoconductor is frequently replaced. This is generally achieved by placing a cassette having stored therein a supply of photoreceptor material. The photoreceptor material is arranged to automatically advance into the operative position after the accumulation of a certain number of copies, i.e., 20 or 30 thousand copies. However, in the event of catastrophic failures or rapid fatigue, the machine still requires a maintenance call. In order to obviate the foregoing problem in addition to automatically advancing the new photoreceptor into the operative position after a predetermined number of copies, the new photoreceptor may be automatically advanced into the operative position at any time by an operator actuated switch. This operator actuated switch is only operable after a predetermined number of copies, somewhat less than those required for the automatic advancement of the photoreceptor, have been reproduced. This set point is determined so that few premature failures occur prior thereto. For example, the enable point for the operator actuated switch might be set to 5 percent of the life of the photoreceptor material.