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Original Publication Date: 1980-Feb-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Disclosed is a process for preparing a carbon black hole-injecting electrode, which is useful in overcoated photoreceptor layered devices. The process generally involves forming a dispersion of carbon black in polyurethane with tetrahydrof uran or similar types of solvents. In one embodiment, a dispersion was formed comprising 42.5 grams of tetrahydrofuran, 3.8 grams of Estane 5701 F-1 (a polyurethane commerically available from 8. F. Goodrich Chemical Company) and 3.8 grams of Monarch 1300 carbon black. This dispersion was ball milled in a 4 ounce bottle for 22 hours. The dispersion was then coated on a 5 mil Mylar substrate with a 1.5 mil Bird applicator and allowed to vacuum dry overnight at 65 OC, resulting in a carbon black electrode coated on a Mylar substrate. A similar dispersion was also formulated and ball milled as described above. This dispersion contained a curing agent and was comprised of 42.5 grams of tetrahydrofuran, 3.8 grams of Estane 5701 F-1, 3.8 grams of Monarch 1300 carbon black and 0.19 grams of Chemlok 7200 (a curing agent available commerically from Hughson Chemicals, Lord Corporation). A carbon black electrode resulted after drying overnight at 65OC.