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Original Publication Date: 1980-Feb-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


Appliances, office equipment and machinery of various descriptions are encased or enclosed with a system of removable covers which protect both the sensitive inner workings of the device and the user of the device, The described covers and mountings comprise a set of top and bottom cover frames 10 which may be extruded frames separately fastened to the main machine frame or manufactured integrally with the main machine frame. Typically, these cover frames completely wrap the perimeter of the machine. A typical cover section 11 is vertically, slidingly located within the cover frames and presents a neat outward appearance. To insert the cover in the top and bottom cover frames, the top of the cover 16 is slid under the top cover frame support member 18 between it and support member 19. The bottom portion of cover 11 comprises a lip 12 which when the cover is at its highest point, clears the top of bottom frame support member 14. The lip 12 is then inserted between support member 14 and 15 of the bottom cover frame. The cover is held in place by stop member 20 of the cover resting on frame support lip 21. To remove the cover, the operation is reversed by raising the cover 11 within its frame until the top 16 is well inserted in cavity 22 and the lip 12 is above and clears the tip of the support member 14.