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PAPER SHEET HANDLER Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024357D
Original Publication Date: 1980-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

Publishing Venue

Xerox Disclosure Journal


The paper sheet handling device of this disclosure is intended for use in a printing machine such as an electrophotographic copier/duplicator operating in the duplex mode. It holds paper sheets in the sequence in which they are delivered and keeps them sufficiently separated so that they can easily and reliably be fed out for subsequent processing in the proper sequence. The device is based on an open coil of wire 1, which is rotated in the direction shown by arrow 2 by contact with coil drive roll 3 upon which it rests. A pair of guide rods 4 mounted inside the coil serve to maintain its position. Friction drive rollers 5 deliver paper sheets 6 to the rotating coil and while contained and separated by the coil, rest on the guide rods 4. After sheets have advanced through the stack 7, they are ejected into a set of pinch rolls 8 for ejection 9 into a transport system for delivery to subsequent processing. Edge guides which maintain the shape of the stack are not shown in the drawing. The length of the coil and the size of wire from which it is made is determined by the number of paper sheets which are to be collected in the stack.