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DOCUMENT SET SEPARATOR Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024538D
Original Publication Date: 1980-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

Publishing Venue

Xerox Disclosure Journal


A document set separator 1 for use in a recirculation document handling (RDH) system is disclosed. The separator 1 includes an arm 2 having a finger 3 which rests upon a set of douments 4 supported in a tray 5. As documents are fed from the set 4 and the height of the set 4 diminishes, the finger separates those documents from documents which are recirculated and deposited upon the finger's upper surface. Two support members 6, 7 define a path of travel for the arm as the set 4 is removed from its original position. By referring to the top figure, it is seen that the arm 2 further includes two laterally extending pins 8, 9 (shown in phantom) which extend into two slots 10, 11 in the support members 6, 7, respectively. As the height of the set 4 diminishes, the slots 10, 11 confine movement of the arm 2 to a vertical direction until all documents in the set have been dispensed. As the last document in the set 4 leaves the tray 5, the arm 2 drops to the bottom of a slot 12 in the tray 11. At the same time, the slot 10 allows the arm 2 to fall to the side and the pin 8 settles to a low point 13 in the slot 9. As this lowest point of arm travel is reached, a solenoid 14 is actuated causing a lever arm 15 to return the arm 2 to its original position. Since the slot 11 is vertically oriented, the pin 9 remains fixed in a vertical plane coincident with that slot 11. The "racetrack" configuration of the second slot 10, however, causes the arm 2 to be angled with respect to its original orientation as the lever arm 15 is lifted by the solenoid. As the arm 2 rises, the pin 8 is forced over a lip 16 defined by the slot 10, and the arm 2 drops into its original position on top of the set of documents 4 to repeat the above-described movement as documents are again dispensed from the tray.