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VACUUM WHEEL NUDGER Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024541D
Original Publication Date: 1980-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

Publishing Venue

Xerox Disclosure Journal


A drive mechanism 1 for corner registering a document 2 above a platen 3 is disclosed. The mechanism 1 includes a wheel 4 driven by a power source, such as a motor, through a pulley 5. The wheel 4 is mounted on a shaft 6 for rotation about an axis 7 parallel to the plane defined by the document 2. The shaft 6 defines a passageway 8 in communication with a qacuum source for reducing the pressure inside the passageway 8. The passageway terminates with a right angle portion 9 which extends downward toward the document 2. At equally spaced locations about the wheel 4 are a series of apertures 10 which periodically communicate through the passageway to the vacuum source. As the wheel rotates causing the apertures 10 to intermittently communicate with the vacuum source, the mechanism 1 intermittently drives the document 2 towards a registration position on the platen 3. The vacuum source should be adjustable so that the vacuum pressure is enough to cause document movement but not enough to deform the document surface nor cause the document to tightly adhere to the mechanism 1 as a wheel 4 rotates. The wheel exterior has a rubber coating 11 to insure that contact between the wheel 4 and the platen 3 does not degrade the platen's smooth surface and to create a large enough coefficient of friction between the roll and the document to drive the document into registration. Once the document 2 has been driven by the mechanism 1 to the corner of the platen 3, a registration finger 12 at the platen edge terminates document movement and a sensing mechanism (not shown) terminates drive wheel rotation.