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MAGNETIC CARD FEEDER Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024591D
Original Publication Date: 1981-Apr-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

Publishing Venue

Xerox Disclosure Journal


A concept is disclosed which provides a means to automatically feed stacks of magnetic cards for media conversion or batch processing. With reference to the figure, the magnetic card feeder 10 is shown in operative relationship with the pinch rollers 12 for a magnetic card transport and reader (not shown). Input tray 14 is loaded with a supply of magnetic cards 16. Dead weight 18, positioned on the forward portion of magnetic cards 16, together with gate disk 20 and gate floor 22, provides the gate means to allow only one magnetic card 16 to be fed from the input tray 14 during each feed cycle. The force to feed the bottom magnetic card 16 is provided by feed belt 24, which is positioned around pulleys 26 and 28. Associated with pulley 28 is one-way clutch 30 to assure that feed belt 24 only rotates counterclockwise as viewed in the figure. Motor 32 is a bidirectional type and rotates counterclockwise to feed a magnetic card 16 from the input tray 14 and rotates clockwise to eject a magnetic card 16 into the output tray 34. Drive belt 36 is operatively positioned around pulleys 38 and 40 and the pulley associated with one-way clutch 30. Platform 42 supports magnetic card 16 as card 16 is fed from the input tray 14 to the pinch rollers 12. Platform 44 supports the magnetic card 16 as it travels from pinch rollers 12 to eject pinch rollers 46.