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Improved E-mail Addressing Scheme Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024640D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02
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A system is described for intelligently selecting among e-mail name alternatives in response to a partial match.

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Improved E-mail Addressing Scheme

In existing systems, when a partial match for an addressee is found, the first matching name is selected. For example, if "John S" were typed, "John Simpson" would be assumed rather than "John Smith" since the former comes first alphabetically.

In this system, intelligent selection criteria are used. The system tracks the pattern of recipients and makes an intelligent choice regarding the intended recipient. In the simplest embodiment, the system selects the matching name that was last used. In the example above, it mail was more recently sent to Smith than Simpson, John Smith would be the default choice.

The system can use more sophisticated criteria, including, but not limited to, which recipient was most recently addressed over the last N months (where N is a variable configurable by a user or administrators), and locality. In the latter case, a recipient can, for example, be chosen from a site closest to the sender. If the sender was based in Raleigh, then Raleigh recipients would be selected in preference to (for example) San Francisco ones.