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Lectern-Mounted Multi Docking Station Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024644D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02
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This invention relates to improvements in docking stations (also called port replicators) for notebook computers. In particular, it provides an apparatus having a variety of different docking station configurations. The apparatus can be mounted on a lectern, to enable easy docking of a variety of different notebook computers.

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Lectern-Mounted Multi Docking Station

Several different docking station units are disposed radially around the circumference of an axial cylinder and operably attached thereto, in a configuration resembling a Rolodex® card file (see Fig. 1). The rear side of each unit is aligned with and integrated into the cylinder. The unit-cylinder junctions may be pivotally hinged to permit optimum positioning for a chosen one of the units. Peripheral and power cables are attached to the multi docking station at the hub end(s) of the cylinder. The cylinder is free to rotate at least 180 degrees clockwise and at least 180 degrees counterclockwise. A locking mechanism is provided -- preferably a ratchet operated by a lever -- that when engaged can prevent the cylinder from rotating, and when disengaged can allow it rotate freely up to the aforesaid limits of rotation. When locked in position, a chosen one of said docking station units is horizontal and properly oriented for use by one notebook computer. The multi docking station is typically mounted inside a well in the top surface of a lectern, with its axis aligned approximately with the top of the lectern. The well can conceals the lower portions of the multi docking station. Thus only its top portion protrudes from the top of the lectern. The following drawings further illustrate the design concept.

Fig. 1 is a schematic view as seen from the end of the cylinder. The example of Fig. 1 shows six different docking station uni...