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Method to Request Information or Facilitate on-Line Shopping Using a Mobile Telephone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024645D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02
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Methods facilitating on-line procurement of goods and services using mobile devices

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Method to Request Information or Facilitate on -Line Shopping Using a Mobile Telephone

Methods facilitating on-line procurement of goods and services using mobile devices

Currently the best method for directing consumers to information regarding a product or service is either by providing a phone number or a URL (Universal Resource Locator) web address. In any given situation, relying on the consumer to retain the given information is less than ideal. Information such as product data, company phone numbers, and URLs can all be misspelled, lost, or forgotten, or a pen and paper may not be available at that time. Any number of factors can contribute to lost information, resulting in a missed opportunity for both the consumer and the provider. This issue may seem trivial, however, the amount of potential business lost is quite significant. Organizations are constantly trying to overcome this issue by creating memorable phone numbers and URL addresses by using humor, repetition, or other mnemonic devices. Consumers are increasingly using PDA's and other devices to keep track of URLs and phone numbers to ensure that the desired information is not forgotten.

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Problem Statement

To address the fact that there is a significant impact to businesses and organizations when product or contact information is lost or not readily accessible. Information is lost because there is a dependency on the consumer to retain information. There have been insufficient solutions provided to ensure that contact information and product data is retained by the consumer.

Proposed Solution Summary

The proposed solution consists of two parts - one for the consumer and one for the provider. The first part is to supplement traditional methods of supplying information, ie. phone numbers and URLs, with the use of mobile devices. Mobile devices such as a mobile phone can be used to triangulate your exact location at any given time. The exact moment in time added to an exact location can be used as an unique identifier that can replace other unique identifiers such as a telephone number or URL. The second part of the solution is to have businesses and organizations register their products and services with the related time and location they are available or advertised. When the end user first initia...