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A method for maintaining open and data consistency state between multiple state based distributed file systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024647D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02
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Disclosed is a method for maintaining consistency between multiple cooperating filesystem state management mechanisms. The method utilizes a framework with well defined boundaries and operations for the arbitration of filesystem access state such as open access guarantees. The framework allows environments where there are multiple independent state managers working together to form a unified state environment.

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A method for maintaining open and data consistency state between multiple state based distributed file systems

Presented is a consistency management framework (CMF). CMF is composed of a consistency manager (CM) that provides operations for acquiring, returning, revoking, and relinquishing state guarantees. The CM allows the coordination and communication of consistency state residing within each participating distributed file system. The advantage of the CMF over current art is its ability to map and coordinate the state mechanisms of multiple file system state managers in order to create an environment of unified state. The state models may vary greatly within each state manager.

The filesystems that use CM services are broken into two categories, clients and peers. CM clients are the server components of a distributed file system that need to access or store file system data on behalf of their client constituents. CM peers are the providers that control access to the actual underlying storage. Peers are the logical owners of the storage and the data contained within it. They service requests from CM clients to read or write file system data. Depending on the peer implementation, the peer agent interacting with the CM may be the client side component of the peer distributed file system. Figure 1 below shows the consistency management framework (CMF) and the relationships between clients, and peers.

The CM provides a set of services to CM clients. The services allow CM clients to:

Register interest in acquiring consistency rights. Consistency rights are defined below. Establish, indirectly, a relationship with a potential underlying CM peer and its state mechanisms
Obtain consistency rights from the CM Receive and process recalls of consistency rights by the CM.

The CM also provides a set of services to CM peers. The services allow CM peers to:

Register the peer's support for CM functions Participate in CM processing of rights requests through peer provided methods Issue recalls of rights previou...