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Original Publication Date: 1981-Oct-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A finishing station particularly for a reproducing machine provides for the sorting of individual sheets, registration of collated sets, finishing as by stapling for example of collated sets and collection of collated sets. The individual copy sheets are delivered from the copier output to a registration transport 10 which transports the sheets to the individual collection bins 46. The registration transport 10 includes idler balls 14 resting on top of driven rolls which tend to drive the individual sheets against side registration guide member 16. The sheet is driven forward by driver and idler roll set 18 to a collecting bin 46 at the end of the transport. The individual collecting bins 46 move vertically up and down by means of elevator screws 26. As the elevator screws rotate, they affect the height of the transport mechanism through cam 32 and lifting arms 30 which permit the registration transport to toggle up and down with the bins as they move up and down to facilitate sheet insertion into the bins. Once in the bins the sheets are urged by paddle wheel 24 into the corner to register the front and side of each sheet in the bin against side registration edge 22 and front registration edge 20. When all the sheets have been sorted and registered in the collecting bins, the bins are sequentially pivoted while maintaining the sheets in the sets registered, about the shaft of elevator screw 26 through segment gear 34 which is activated by cam 36 to the finishing station such as stapler 42. After the sets have been stapled, the bin 36 is pivoted further counterclockwise so that gripper bar 48 can grip the edge of the finished set. Once the set is gripped by the gripper bar 48, the bin is pivoted back into its position in the vertical array of bins and the grip on the finished set is released with the set falling into the collecting bin 50.