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Original Publication Date: 1981-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


In an electrophotographic printing machine, toner dispensers are frequently em-ployed to furnish additional toner particles to the developer material in order to maintain the concentration of toner particles therein substantially constant. Heretofore, toner dispensers have been configured for manual reloading and gravity flow of the toner particles from the storage hopper. This generally requires access to the top of the hopper for reloading and confines the configuration in the machine. In addition, there has been a desire to have a cleaner and simplified method of reloading toner. Thus, it would be highly desirable to be capabIe of utilizing a throw-away cassette for refilling toner particles in a development system. As shown in the drawing, the cassette includes an inexpensive molded housing 10 having a pair of opposed spaced plastic rollers 12 and 14 mounted rotatably therein. A conveyor belt 16 is entrained about rollers 12 and 14. When the cassette is placed in the printing machine, cover 18 is removed therefrom and gear 20 mounted on the shaft of roller 12 meshes with the drive mechanism. In operation, rotation of roller 12 advances belt 16. Belt 16 includes a plurality of pockets which are normally in a closed configuration when relaxed. However, as belt 16 moves about roller 12, the pockets pass over the arcuate portion of roller 12 and open dispensing toner particles through a slot in housing 10. For transportation, the slot in housing 10 is closed with tape. Prior to installation in the printing machine, the tape covering the slot is removed therefrom.