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Original Publication Date: 1981-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-02

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


When toner particles are dispensed from a bottle, they frequently bridge and cake across the opening preventing the flow of particles therefrom. Various methods have been developed for agitating or vibrating the toner bottle to prevent the bridging and caking of toner particles therein. As shown in the drawing, toner bottle 10 includes an agitator or upright member 12 extending from the bottom of bottle 10 to the opening therein in the central portion thereof. Roller 14 has a spike 16 extending outwardly therefrom. As roller 14 rotates in the direction of arrow 18, spike 16 engages the free end of upright member 12 producing vibration therein. This vibration prevents the caking and bridging of toner particles in the opening of bottle 10. By way of example, upright member 12 may be molded integrally with bottle 10. When a cover is placed on the opening, upright member 12 flexes to the side so as to permit the covering of the opening in bottle 10.