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DOCUMENT REVERTER Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024776D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Feb-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-03

Publishing Venue

Xerox Disclosure Journal


A document reverter for an optical electronic reader or any other copying machine in which it is desired to scan or deed duplex original documents la, lb to the imaging station 8 short-edge-first but consistently scan from top-to-bottom on both sides of the original documents. In such a case, a conventional inverter may not be adequate in that it not only inverts the document sheet but also reverses the sheet position top-to-bottom if the document is fed short-edge-first through the inverter. Referring first to Figure 1, a partial perspective view, there is disclosed a bi-directional document reverting system with two bi-directional feeders 2a, 2b so that documents can be recirculatively fed onto the platen 8 short-edge-first (arrow 31, driven to closed gate 7 and copied, then duplex documents are reverted Ion%-edge-first (arrow 4) up through reverter baffle 5 (this rotates the document 180 around its long axis), then the duplex document is returned short-edge-first from the top of the reverter unit back to the stack 9 (arrow 6) for refeeding and consistent copying of the other side of the document. The drive roll pairs 2a and 2b are each on a "teeter-totter" mounting (not shown). That is, the forward driving rolls are down while the sidewise driving rolls are lifted for driving the sheet forward onto the platen 8 or out of the reverter. Contrarily, for driving a sheet sideways around the reverter path 5, the forward rolls are lifted and the sidewise rolls are lowered onto the sheet (see Figure 2).