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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000024834D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


A magnetic tape transport 1 including a magnetic recording head 2 is disclosed in the accompanying figures. The recording head 2 encodes a magnetic tape 3 with information. The tape 3 moves a frame at a time from a magnetic tape supply roll 4 to a magnetic tape take-up roll 5. The width dimension of the magnetic tape 3 is on the order of 13 inches, all but one inch of which is to be encoded with the magnetic recording head 2. After a tape frame is moved to a recording position, the recording head 2 traverses back and forth beneath the tape 3 as the head rotates at a high rate of speed. To achieve the rotational and translational motion, the recording head 2 is mounted to a rotating shaft 6 driven by a motor 7. Recording signals are routed to the rotating head 2 through a slip ring connection 16. The combination of recording head 2 and motor 7 are also mounted to a carriage 8 which traverses back and forth causing the head 2 to move beneath the magnetic tape 3. This back and forth motion is provided by a lead screw 9 and accompanying worm drive motor 10. As the magnetic tape 3 feeds off the tape supply roll 4, it is wrapped around an idler roll 11 and then about two half-inch wide support discs 12, 13. These support discs are mounted to the worm drive assembly and remain stationary with respect to the recording head 2 as it traverses back and forth under the tape 3. After the magnetic tape 3 has been encoded with information, it wraps around a second idler roll 14 and is stored on the take-uporoll 5. The two idler rolls 11, 14 are positioned to create approximately 260 of magnetic tape wrap about the two support discs 12, 13. This wrap plus the tension supplied to the tape by the take-up roll 5 creates a stiff cylindrical-like portion of tape about the support discs 12, 13. The translating recording head 2 acts as a third support member during magnetic tape recording.