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Original Publication Date: 1982-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-04

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Xerox Disclosure Journal


As shown in the drawing, the document handler recirculates either simpl-. ex or duplex original document sheets for precollation copying in an electrophotographic printing machine. A stack of simplex originals are placed face down in document tray 10. Document feeder 14 advances the bottommost document from tray 10 in the direction of arrow 34, under stop 12 to the nip defined by rollers 16 and 20. Roller 16 rotates, in the direction indicated by arrow 18, to advance the document to rollers 24 and 28. Roller 24 rotates in the direction of arrow 26. As the document passes between the two sets of rollers, i.e., sets 16-20 and 24-28, a fixed optical system, directs light rays, indicated by arrow 22, onto successive incre-mental portions of the moving document. Light rays reflected from the document are directed through a lens to form a light image thereof which irradiates the charged region of a photoconductive surface to form an electrostatic latent image thereon. When the leading marginal region of the document exits the nip defined by rollers 24 and 28, it passes into U-shaped member 30. After the leading edge of the simplex document engages the closed end of U-shaped member 30, the trailing edge is lifted in an upwardly direction by roller 28 so as to be positioned in the nip of rollers 28 and 32. Rollers 28 and 32 return the document to the top of the stack of documents in tray 10, face down.